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mxc8 On Softonic since July 2015

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"Sync manager is buggy and can prove difficult to use more often than not. "

Absolutely horrible. The program is buggy and the interface is far from smooth and orderly which makes it difficult to get things done in an efficient manner. I've had plenty of problems with this program that simply shouldn't exist such as when the program cannot recognize the phone connected to it. I had to manually install the apk files onto the phone just to get it to pop up correctly.

It could be good possibly but so far I'm not impressed. I'd rather manually plug whatever files I want into my phone than use this and sadly I have never had such issues when I was using iTunes to sync my phone data.

  • Sync sometimes doesn't recognize the phone.
  • Interface is basic.
  • Easier to manually plug in files onto the phone itself than it is to sync it through this program

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04 Jul 2015

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